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ECO Presbytery of South Carolina

In ECO’s Polity, the role of the presbytery is to support, encourage, and be a resource for local congregations. ECO presbyteries are designed to be flexible and to cultivate connection and community among member churches.

Presbytery of South Carolina
Leadership Team

Allen Thompson

The Moderator oversees the Presbytery and Presbytery Council, setting vision and focus for its members.

Contact the Moderator For
  • Information about presbytery gatherings
  • Representation of the presbytery at the ordination and/or installation
  • An opportunity to share ideas for new ministry initiatives 
Contact the Moderator:

Helen (HH) Ham

The Chair of the Ministry Partnership Team coordinates efforts to strengthen the local church and relationships of the presbytery.

Contact the MPT Chair For
  • Support in times of crisis, conflict, or transition
  • Assistance with identifying Flourishing Next Steps 
  • Inquiries regarding ECO membership for a pastor or church
Contact the MPT Chair:

Herman Fletcher

The Stated Clerk keeps the records for both the Presbytery and Presbytery Council.

Contact the Clerk For
  • Records of Presbytery and Presbytery Council proceedings 
  • Records related to pastor or church membership
  • Assistance involving disciplinary matters
Contact the Clerk:


Craig Bailey

Contact the Vice Moderator:


Bootsie Wynne

Contact the Moderator Emeritus:


Bob Young

Contact the Treasurer:


George Brandon

Contact the Global Missions


Kelly Gabriele

Contact the PMOT


Tommy-Lee Sexton

Contact the Nominating Team Chair:


Dane Deatherage

Contact the Church


Daryle Bush

Contact the PJC Chair:


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What We Believe

What we live out and focus on as a presbytery.

Our mission as a presbytery is to support, encourage, and aid churches, church plants, and individuals in various ways, whether through providing guidance, resources, or assistance during regional natural disasters. 

South Carolina Pastors - Get Connected!

We believe collaboration, shared commitments, and transparent relationships are crucial to flourishing ministry. These covenantal relationships provide the context for the Holy Spirit’s continual reformation of the Church into a more faithful and effective participant in God’s mission.


Part of being in a “covenanted order” is the willingness for pastors to commit ourselves into the care and accountability of other pastors. 

We understand that there are forces inside of us as human beings which can make it easier to be individualists and to resist being known. We know that we will remain blind to being “curved in upon ourselves” (Luther) unless someone helps us to see and repent. Hence, we believe that the Covenanted Order provides the external accountability to keep us focused upon our missional calling and our biblical/theological roots.

Join a Mission Affinity Group!

These Mission Affinity Groups (MAGs) are ordinarily comprised of three to five congregations who share similar ministry settings and contexts. These contexts may include but are not limited to: size, geographic location, cultural or demographic similarities, or future ministry goals.

Members of MAGs commit to meet at least once a year, for at least three years, and connect in other ways in between meetings.

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Join a Pastor Covenant Group!

For churches to flourish, pastors need to be spiritually and relationally healthy. These intentional relationships of accountability and support, are a vital place for pastors to be prayed for, cared for, and encouraged in their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Pastoral Covenant Groups are peer-to-peer relationships and meet together face-to-face at least once a year.

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